Lovely, Adam!

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Dec 17, 2021Liked by Adam Smyth

Fascinating post, as is Robert MacLean's. As a retired fellow tradesman, I naturally enjoy it when the work and concerns of librarians gets a share of the spotlight (Hooray, FNL saves the Honresfield Hoard for the nation!) but in truth "special collections" librarians are a breed apart, scholarly types lurking in air-conditioned seclusion, while the rest of us toil over questions of underfunding, stock acquisition and processing, shelf-occupancy, and "reader services". I'm afraid digitisation *is* often the answer to these more pressing managerial concerns... So, hands up: we're also the ones who come up with Cunning Plans such as "foliogate"...

On Sonnet 126, as always I look to Don Paterson for enlightenment, but I find he is as baffled by those parentheses as anyone. FWIW, I had always meant -- given the accounting metaphor that closes the poem -- to investigate whether bracketed lines had some significance in book-keeping at the time: "account closed", that sort of thing. But as I'm sure the same thought must have occurred to others and I had work to get on with the impression in my mind gradually faded away to a blank (you see what I've done here).


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